The 14 Commandments of Lacrosse

  1. You must be able to catch, throw and shoot both left-handed and right-handed.
  2. The more time you spend playing lacrosse with your stick perpendicular to the ground (as opposed to parallel to the ground), the better player you will become
  3. Do not hold the ball in your stick.
  4. Move the ball immediately upon gaining possession of a loose ball.  
  5. You must learn to move with out the ball.
  6. You must move to the ball when catching and toward the goal when shooting.
  7. Look to a spot behind the goalie when you shoot.
  8. Shoot with a quick release.  Place your shot - on the ground first, to open net second.
  9. Defense must have stick skills as good as or better than Attackmen and Midfielders.
  10. Defenders must play defense like boxers box.
  11. Defenders do not have to take the ball away to play good defense.
  12. You play as you practice!!  (See Bonus, below)
  13. Be in great physical condition when the lacrosse season starts. Coming into any season out of shape is disrespectful to your teammates, your coaches, and the game of lacrosse.  Work your self hard in the offseason so you will be well prepared for the mentally and physically challenging lacrosse season.  The more time you spend conditioning yourself in the offseason, the less practice time will be needed conditioning once the season starts.   You may not be able to control how fast you are, or how tall you are, but conditioning is another matter. This is something that you directly control.
  14. Never Lie. Never Cheat. Never Whine. Never Complain. Never Make Excuses.


 Bonus - "The 4 P's"

Every time you step on the field (for practice and/or a game) you must bring the four (4) “Ps”!!

  1. Positive Attitude:  A belief in your success and the success of your teammates.  We become what we think about: If we think you can succeed, and we work diligently as a team toward that goal, we will succeed.  It’s really that simple!
  2. Patience:  You’ll never stop learning how to play better Lacrosse.  It’s a game that requires equal measures of hustle (great physical conditioning) and smarts (the successful application of learned skills).  It will test you, you will fail, and when you do, you must pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes, and try again—if you do you will become the best player you can be.
  3. Perseverance:  Anything worth doing is worth doing well.  To succeed you must give the game your full attention each and every time you pick up your stick! Those who hustle all the time, and those who work diligently to learn the game will be worthy of being called “a Lacrosse Player” (a wonderful distinction if/when you earn it!)
  4. Passion:  Love the game!  Appreciate your teammates who are counting on you to help them win the game!  Bring energy and enthusiasm to the field!  “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!”